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Opening So Jae-Won Interview Clip
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Part I Book Talk_So Jae-won x Liang-I Han
: Part I - Author So Jae-won
Bridge Video Working space of the author
Part II Book Talk_So Jae-won x Liang-I Han
: Part II - So Jae-won and <Tunnel>
Reading The Voice of the Author
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Closing Main Trailer of the Film <Tunnel>

About So Jae-Won

So Jae-Won

Even though he is part of a lot of creative projects as a dramatist, playwright, script writer, producer, and YouTuber, So Jae-Won (born in 1984) is first and foremost known as a novelist. He has been called a “voice for the underprivileged, a voice for the underdog.” His father was physically disabled and his mother left the family when he was very young. When he was a teenager he decided he would seek revenge on his mother by becoming a famous novelist, to show her that he could have a great life without her. When he was preparing his first book he became visually impaired to the point where he was legally declared blind. He fell into alcoholism and tried to commit suicide as many as 30 times. After he overcame this difficult period, he decided he would try to make the world a better place by writing about societal problems and the underprivileged. In 2008 he made his debut with the novel I Am the Ten Percent. Since then he has come out with 20 different works, including the non-fiction title Father, and the novels Tunnel, Hope, Story, Virus, etc. His debut novel, I Am the Ten Percent was adapted into a movie called Beastie Boys. Tunnel and Hope were also adapted into films. Over 7 million people saw Tunnel and almost 3 million people saw Hope.

About Tunnel


One day Lee Jeong-su went out to buy a birthday present for his child. On his way back home a tunnel collapsed and he became trapped. As news of the tunnel collapse spread, he was able to report that he had survived and was promised by the authorities that he would soon be rescued. So he waited inside the tunnel. However, the rescue kept getting postponed, and as soon as his phone ran out of battery he was cut off from the outside world. In the world outside the tunnel, public opinion started to sour against the rescue of Lee Jeong Su. The public voices grew louder and louder. “How expensive should one human life be?” As the cost continued to grow, they demanded that the wife of Lee Jeong Su and the head of the rescue team make a decision whether or not the operation should continue. Violence doesn’t necessarily appear through grand gestures. One by one the comments of careless people started to pile up online. They grew into a fever pitch, diluting the sense of guilt of the great violence committed. This novel which digs to the core of people’s deepest selves explores the power and implicit violence committed by a society through the story of a tunnel accident. Even though this novel was published in 2013, it was the first novel written by So Jae Won in the early 2000’s. In 2016 it was adapted into a film which attracted an audience of over 7 million viewers.


Tunnel (2016) / Movie

35 DAYS, A MAN’S DESPERATE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE Jung-soo, an ordinary car dealer, is on his way home with a birthday cake for his daughter. As he drives into a tunnel, an unbelievable thing happens; the tunnel collapses on him. Minutes later, he realizes that he is completely caught in between the debris. Outside, this breaking news creates media frenzy and a thoughtless reporter even airs a live phone interview with Jung-soo, using up his mobile phone batteries. An emergency response team is immediately organized to rescue him and as it becomes a national concern, the government promises full support for the rescue. While Jung-soo struggles to survive, a series of ridiculous blunders delays the rescue operation and threatens his chances to make it out alive. Soon, he runs out of food, water, and phone batteries, making him totally incommunicado. Days pass without any progress and people start to lose hope or interest in rescuing him. Having already passed the longest survival record for a disaster, hard decisions are forced on his family while no one knows whether Jung-soo is dead or alive. <KoreanFilmBiz KoBiz>