My Brilliant Life

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About the author : Kim Ae-ran

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Kim Ae-ran and My Brilliant Life

About Kim Ae-ran

Kim Ae-ran

Born in 1980, novelist Ae-ran Kim made her literary debut in 2002 with the receipt of the Daesan Literary Award. Having inherited her ability to jokea literary legacyfrom her mother, Kim believes that the virtue of humor lies in “comforting people without putting them to shame, while at the same time embracing their uniqueness and dignity.” “I still do not fully understand humankind, death or life. Yet, I learn something from those who live their lives to the fullest even after realizing that life is not always beautiful,” she explains. Kim Ae-ran is the author of the short story collections Run Dad!, Mouthwatering, Contrail, and Summer Outside; the full-length novel My Brilliant Life; and the prose collection A Good Name to Forget. She has won the Hankook Ilbo Literary Award, Lee Hyo-seok Literary Award, Today’s Young Artist Award, Shin Dong-yup Prize for Literature, Kim Yu-jeong Literary Award, Young Writer’s Award Grand Prize, Han Moo-sook Literary Award, Yi Sang Literary Award, and Dong-in Literary Award, among others.

About My Brilliant Life

My Brilliant Life

My Brilliant Life is the story of the life, love and growth of the youngest parents and the oldest child. Young and fearless, Daesu and Mira get married and have a child together at age 17. Their son, Areum, is born with progeria, a condition that causes him to age rapidly. Areum decides to write a novel about his parentshow they first met, started dating and later gave birth to him. The result is both condensation of Areum’s own language and sensibilities that he’s brewed in his own time, and the story of two young parents reaching maturity as they experience the world through the eyes of their child. The novel reminds us of the passionate yet bewildering days of our youth, colored by humor, beauty and happiness. Since its initial publication in Korea in June 2011, My Brilliant Life has enjoyed widespread popularity, selling nearly 500,000 copies. It has been adapted into a film and a play of the same title, and the rights to the book have been sold to twelve countries worldwide. In January 2021, the English translation of the novel was selected by as "Best Book of the Month" in the fiction category.

Discussant Steph Cha

Steph Cha

Steph Cha is the author of Your House Will Pay, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the California Book Award, and the Juniper Song crime trilogy. She's a critic whose work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, where she served as noir editor, and is the current series editor of the Best American Mystery & Suspense anthology. A native of the San Fernando Valley, she lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Interview with Kim Ae-ran

The Movie

My Brilliant Life (2014), ZIP CINEMA

It is the story of the youngest parents and oldest child in the world

16 year old boy, A-Reum has Progeria Syndrome, a rare genetic defect that will cause the baby to show rapid aging from an early age. Although A-Reum has struggled again the disease, he was raised as a brilliant young child than anyone else. Young parents, Mira (SONG Hye-kyo) and Dae-su (KANG Dong-won) are still in their early 30s who had A-Reum when they both were 17 year old, sometimes act immature but they never expressed their sorrow.

A-Reum only has few month to live, and Mira and Dae-su want to denied the reality. Although knowing that he does not have much time left, they appear on a fundraising TV show in hopes of raising enough money for his medical care.

A-Reum's appearance on a TV brings everyone's attention, and he becomes pen pal with a teenager girl who's also suffering from a disease watching the show. Exchanging letters with her becomes the joy of his days. But his body becomes more weary from aging, and he even loses his vision